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Fighting Oppression!

lucien-fellow candidateship

Lucien Bourjeily Co Founder of VAPA, actor and director (granted numerous nominations and artistic prizes) has been honored to represent Lebanon and the Middle East region today as Fellow at the 2015 prestigious ISPA congress in New York!


In our mission statement it is mentioned that one of the main issues the association will fight for is the right to free speech and the banning of censorship in Lebanon. Lucien has been an activist in the Lebanese scene, fighting by all means the strict censorship rules imposed on artists by the Lebanese General Security. After the sad events that occurred in Paris, mans artists and activists have expressed their views in support of Charlie Hebdo. Lebanese journalists through the years have been an easy target for terrorists whose only aim was to punish those who spoke in favor of freedom. In the hope that a better world will exist, we will always join the fight for Peace.

As Yoko Ono says: WAR IS OVER!


Post written by Kiki Bokassa.


“72 Hours Film Challenge”

72 Hours Film Challenge” Produced By H&M and UNFPA Lebanon (United Nations Populations Fund) in collaboration with VAPA— Canon DSLR Cameras were offered as Prizes for Winners! More on this project is found on

Thank You to All Jury Members!
72hrs jury-unfpa-vapa

“KHALLIK SALBE” …. An interactive play about HIV/AIDS, Stigma & Discrimination.

vapa-let's talk play poster
VAPA’s Latest Project!
“KHALLIK SALBE” …. Directed by Lucien Bourjeily
An interactive play about HIV/AIDS, Stigma, and discrimination part of the Let’s Talk – Lebanon Campaign
Featuring actors from ImproBeirut
Funded/Produced by UNFPA Lebanon.
For more info about locations and timing please visit Let’s Talk Lebanon facebook page
In the press:
vapa khallik salbe-orient
The Performance in Rachaya-Bekaa:

“Let’s Talk” Campaign 2013/ Interactive Play Devising Workshop

1-IMG_8070Workshop to devise the “Let’s Talk” campaign interactive PLAY that will tour Lebanon in summer 2013. Project supported/initiated by UNFPA Lebanon, Ypeer network, H&M. Implemented by the Visual and Performing Arts Association (VAPA). Performances dates will be announced SOON… Stay Tuned!
More info about “Let’s Talk” campaign visit: – DIRECTOR Lucien Bourjeily.
Previous Call for Cast/Visual Communication:
let's talk-unfpavapa casting poster
PLAY- CAST (by alphabetical order)
Shaden Fakih
Lara Ghattas
Hussein Hijazi
Youssef Khawaja
Georges Mattar
Farah ShaerPLAY- FACILITATORS (by alphabetical order)
Samir Haidar
Randa Jomaa
Photos taken by: Rami Al Rabih

Renovating Roumie Prison with Colors!

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On behalf of Vapa Association (Visual and Performing arts association) and Vapa partner “Father Afif Osseiran Foundation” in the projectبدنا نولّع رومية بالألوان   I am proud to share with you the info related to the activity that was a one of its kind in every sense and hopefully the beginning of many colorful journeys. Being grateful to have lived this experience and to have had the opportunity to add a little bit more colors to the lives of the young inmates detained in Roumie Juvenile prison do not fully express the state we’re all still in.
Roumie young inmates want to share a message with you (letter in arabic attached). In case as journalists you’re interested in publishing any content about the topic please contact us (contact info 03 466 764 / in order to receive a copy of the letter. Kindly find attached a picture (pictures are submitted upon request) and below is the project press release translated into English and French:
Press Release 
بدنا نولّع رومية بالألوان | Renovating Roumieh with Colors
A slogan that Roumieh young detainees have chosen as a result of the completed / as a coronation of the renovation workshop of the Juvenile Aisle courtyard; an activity which has been conceptualized by Father Afif Osseiran Foundation in collaboration with Visual and Performing Arts Association “VAPA”.
It’s worth mentioning that this event wouldn’t have come to life without the determination, enthusiasm and courage of the youth who have sincerely expressed  what they have done using words such as “!!!!إي والله لنخربا بالألوان” or “We will definitely destroy Roumieh with Colors”.
The planning process for this project has began around late October 2010 with a general outline which has been accelerated intensively beginning November 2010 and for the period of three consecutive months due to the efforts of the team made of more than twenty young detainees.
Finally, many thanks go out to every single individual who helped in the accomplishment of this philanthropic project!
      اختار شباب مبنى الاحداث في سجن روميه هذا الشعاّر تتويجاً لإستكمال عمليات ترميم الباحة الخارجية لمبناهم، والتي تمّت تحت رعاية وإشراف مؤسسة الأب عفيف عسيران بالتعاون مع “جمعية الفنون البصرية والادائية” (VAPA) ويجدر الذكر بأنّه لم يكن هذا الحدث ليبصر النور لولا العزم والحماس والشجاعة التّي تحلّى بها الشباب الذين عبّرواعن ذلك بأصدق العبارات بعفويّتهم المعهودة من خلال إطلاق عبارات مثل  “!!!!إي والله لنخربا بالألوان” وبدأ التخطيط للمشروع في أواخر شهر تشرين الأول حيث رسمت الخطوط العريضة له، ومن ثمّ إستمر العمل فيه على قدم وساق على مدى ثلاثة أشهر منذ تشرين الثاني بفضل جهود فريق عمل ضم ما يزيد عن عشرين شابًاً.  شكر خاص لكلّ من ساهم في إنجاز هذا المشروع!         
Roumié en voit de toutes les couleurs!                       “بدنا نولّع روميه بالألوان”!
Les jeunes de l’aile des mineurs à la prison de Roumié ont choisi ce slogan afin de couronner un atelier de réforme esthétique de la cour externe de leurs locaux, parrainée par La Fondation Père Afif Osseiran, en coopération avec l’association VAPA.
Ce projet n’aurait pas pu voir le jour sans la volonté, le courage et l’entrain des jeunes. Un groupe de travail d’une vingtaine de mineurs ont en effet travaillé sans relâche pendant trois mois, depuis Novembre. La planification du projet avait commencé fin Octobre avec la mise en place des lignes directrices.
Un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont volontairement contribué leurs efforts à la réalisation de ce projet !


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The Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, and the Embassy of Italy in Beirut, launch the “Reference guide of NGOs and institutions working in Lebanese Prisons”, jointly produced within the project “VIEWS FROM WITHIN, CINEMARENA 2009- 2010” in the framework of the Emergency ROSS Program funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Italian Cooperation.

VAPA Association is finishing its intervention in the Cinemarena Project which is being held in 13 prisons all over Lebanon.  We gave prisoners graffiti workshops which they can later on use in their professions (shoe-smith…).  Graffiti artists reproduced the artwork done and the firt exhibition took place in March 2011 in an attempt to spread awareness about the prison’s conditions.The exhibition took place during the launching ceremony of the guide.



The first anniversary of Roof 68 came up on June 4th, and VAPA could not let it go by without a celebration.  We organized a casual night to celebrate this anniversary gathering all our friends, partners, and everyone interested at Roof 68 for a night of 80’s music.  At the event there were more than a hundred people mixed between Artists and activists in the civil society from different nationalities (Italian, French, American…).

The best thing about the night was the social interaction between all the peculiar people who were there, I have to say mixing art with the civil society simple creates a “Big Bang”!

The picture was taken from Star Scene (Daily Star) who covered the event (

Storytelling all over Lebanon!

One hundred years ago, the difference between one generation and another was between 20 and 30 years.   Today, with all the development we are experiencing a child nurtures in a totally different environment than another child 5 years later.

VAPA Association has always been interested in preserving the role of books in a child’s early life.  Through the Lebanese Ministry of Culture and under the Beirut World Capital project, we finally got the chance to work on this issue!

The occasion was the National Reading Week and the idea was to offer storytelling activities to public libraries all over Lebanon.  We contacted some of our friends from “Clown Me In” who were glad to offer their help in the storytelling.

The storytelling was performed by Sabine Choucair and Gabriel Munoz who decided to add a twist to traditional story telling by performing the events they are reading.  A selection of stories from three different languages were chosen out of the book “Let Me Tell You a Story” (A collection of 54 illustrated children’s stories and poems by authors of all ages).

The result was the participation of around 300 children in the activity which took place in the following regions:

  • Kamed el Lawz
  • Jib Jannin
  • Mansoura
  • Kfardebian
  • Achkout
  • Rayfoun
  • Srifa
  • Jwaya
  • Tyr
  • Tannourine
  • Assia
  • Batroun

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