Storytelling all over Lebanon!

One hundred years ago, the difference between one generation and another was between 20 and 30 years.   Today, with all the development we are experiencing a child nurtures in a totally different environment than another child 5 years later.

VAPA Association has always been interested in preserving the role of books in a child’s early life.  Through the Lebanese Ministry of Culture and under the Beirut World Capital project, we finally got the chance to work on this issue!

The occasion was the National Reading Week and the idea was to offer storytelling activities to public libraries all over Lebanon.  We contacted some of our friends from “Clown Me In” who were glad to offer their help in the storytelling.

The storytelling was performed by Sabine Choucair and Gabriel Munoz who decided to add a twist to traditional story telling by performing the events they are reading.  A selection of stories from three different languages were chosen out of the book “Let Me Tell You a Story” (A collection of 54 illustrated children’s stories and poems by authors of all ages).

The result was the participation of around 300 children in the activity which took place in the following regions:

  • Kamed el Lawz
  • Jib Jannin
  • Mansoura
  • Kfardebian
  • Achkout
  • Rayfoun
  • Srifa
  • Jwaya
  • Tyr
  • Tannourine
  • Assia
  • Batroun

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