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Klik – Basic photography workshop 2

What is Klik?

Klik, the Photo Workshop is an educational resource for photography.  From beginning classes, for those just starting out in digital photography or photography, to advanced classes covering lighting techniques, to your own personal photographic vision, we have classes that cover a broad spectrum.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn practical photography tools in a cozy setting.  Then go and put those tools into practice with field trips and daily assignments out and about in our historical town and beautiful beaches and mountains.

This is the program of every session:

Session 1

– The history of Photography
– Camera mechanism
– Different types of camera (small, medium, large format)
– Different type of lens
– Manual focus and auto focus
– Getting the right exposure
– Shutter speed
– Aperture, F-stops
– Light and metering (how to measure)
– Lock exposure
– Depth of field
– Different metering modes
– Camera modes TV, AV, P and M
– Shooting at night or with low light without flash
– How to hold your camera

Session 2

– Crop factor
– What is white balance?
– Histogram explained
– High-key and low-key photos
– Rule of third
– Composition tips
– Using background
– How to use the built-in flash
– How to direct the light of the built-in flash
– Use the camera flash as a fill light
– What is Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB)
– Take a panoramic photo
– What is macro?

Session 3

– What is HDR?
– How to shoot HDR
– Finalizing an HDR photo
– What is RAW, JPEG and TIFF
– Which one is better and why?
– What is BULB?
– Using Bulb to create effects
– Discussing the work of the masters of photography (Ansel Adams, Henry Cartier Bresson, Diane Arbus, Jeff Wall, Man ray…)
– Assignment: project related to the depth of field, exposure, focal length, HDR, panoramic and macro)

 Session 4

– Discussion of the students work and correcting the mistakes.

– Every session will end with the screening of the work of a photographer’s work. And it will be followed with a round table discussion about his work.

From May 21 until May 25. (21, 22, 23, 25) From 6pm until 9pm.

– The Fee is 160$ for the full course/ 4 sessions.
– Limited seats for 13 participants. Registration in advance is a must!
– Workshop taking place at Studio 68, Sioufi

Do not hesitate to let us know if you may need any further info by contact us on / 03 466 764 / 70 950 755.


All for One & One for All!


What is CLP program?

The Community Learning Program (CLP)
Offering you the chance to help others by learning

In recent years, it has been generally recognized that the major reason for most social, economic, cultural, educational, and environmental problems is the exclusion of a group of people from society. This is evident in Lebanon where obviously not all social groups are offered equal opportunities especially when it comes to educational and cultural activities.

The aim of this program is to harvest the extensive experience of VAPA in offering workshops by directing it towards a social cause. We wish to offer workshops to everyone and not just the ones able to pay or the ones targeted by an international aid fund. With the help of income coming from the normal workshops we offer, we will be able to provide a learning opportunity to people who lack it.

Paying participants in the workshops will have the option to pay 25% more of the normal workshop fee and finance, along with VAPA, the expenses of a participant who is not able to pay. VAPA and the trainer will donate the remaining 75% of the workshop fee.

Our program goes beyond the simple idea of offering free workshops to needy people. We believe sustainability is in our internal culture, and therefore always look to the future in every action we take. At the end of the workshops, all the participants’ artwork will be exhibited and sold in an attempt to finance the art equipment needed by the participants who have no means to buy them and wish to follow the skills they have acquired. We will offer socially excluded people the opportunity to acquire a new skill, the equipment to pursue it, and the contacts to make it or integrate it into their original profession.
Along with the above intentions, an indirect goal of our program is to create a safe environment in which diverse groups of our society can meet and interact: from doctors to released inmates, from architects to shoe makers, from lawyers to homeless people…All coming from the different regions and religious groups in Lebanon.

Finally we would like to assure you that all the beneficiaries of the program are selected according to objective and non discriminating criteria…as not to promote further social exclusion.

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