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The Art of Finger-Painting in A Day

Finger-Painting WorkshopFinger-painting isn’t just for children, this workshop is intended for people of ages 15 and over. Its aim is to facilitate the ability of self-expression through the interesting connection between the physical act of touching the paint and connecting with something important inside one’s self. Like yoga, finger-painting is a physical and spiritual opening up that helps you transcend and reach a different place within yourself, …allowing you to explore body, mind and soul. It’s a good activity to fully express yourself!
Places are limited! The Price per Participant is 35$ or 30$ (if below 18)To register contact 03 466 764/

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What is Finger Painting?
You probably have childhood memories of sitting at a little table, dipping your fingers into thick, brightly colored paint and noodling your way around a sheet of smooth, shiny paper. These paintings were usually formless squiggles, blobs and lines created from a child’s carefree lack of inhibition. But finger painting isn’t just for children! Finger painting was a long-forgotten art form used by ancient peoples in North America, China and Europe. This activity has a spiritual component; like yoga, finger-painting is a physical and spiritual opening up that helps you transcend and reach a different place within yourself, allowing you to explore body, mind and soul.

Why Finger Painting?
• It is believed that it plays an important role in the emotional healing for people of all ages and abilities.
• The technique results in a real bond between the artwork & artist, it is a way to become more intimate with the process of painting.
• It encourages personal growth by providing a venue for an expressive medium.
• It does not require any particular talent to enjoy.
>>> Warning: It can be addictive for adults. The more you do, the better art you can create.

Who is the workshop for?
The workshop is intended for people of all ages. It can work for both non-artists and artists (beginners or advanced).
It is for any person who wants to bring out his inner self through the interesting act of touching paint.
Theme: Free expressionism.

What is the workshop schedule?
The workshop will consist of sessions of two hours each.

Course Curriculum
• Introduction to different genres of art movements (focus on finger painting)
• History of Finger Painting (artists that have used the art)
• Benefits of self expression
• How to finger paint (the tricks one’s fingers can do and the effect it creates)
• Composition
• Medias and Mediums
• The three key characteristics of Color
• Observation and Brain Storming
• Organization (from the preparation phase to the exhibition’s)
• Collective Painting (the visual language used to understand each other)
• Visual Performance art (the techniques each can develop and explore)
• How music affects Painting (experience new feelings generated on the spot)
• Workshops (in practice and theory, share what you have acquired)

Things you’ll need to bring:

• any media that you might want to use to add texture and make the artwork memorable (e.g. old pictures, letters, old cloths, etc)
Wear comfortable clothes you would want to ruin with paint.

All art supply and logistics is provided:
• acrylic paint, oil paint, ink, charcoal and pastels
• gloves
• coffee break
• certificate of achievement


Arties like Parties

Because we like to party in free style… feel free to invite your fellows/geeks for a memorable loud gathering on one of the oldest rooftops in town, Roof68

For info contact us: 03 466 764/

This event is free of charge!

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