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Support to the #YouStink activism!

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On this day the country has witnessed a peaceful sit-in at the Ministry of Environment on behalf of many activists that are part of the collective #YouStink, that’s mission is to denounce Lebanon’s corruption and it’s main objective lately was to put pressure on the Lebanese government specifically the Minister of Interior and Environment in the hope that both would resign from their posts especially after failing to solve the problem of the garbage waste and after security forces used fire arms and violence to scare the demonstrators that protested near the parliament days ago.

#YouStink campaign has gathered more than 200.000 likes 150.000 demonstrators showed up this Saturday. Lucien in addition to being a film director, he is one of the collective #YouStink active members and Vapa’s co founder. He was taken a few minutes ago to the hospital after being beaten by the national security forces during an evacuation of the Ministry of Environment. Our info sources come from the Lebanese media that are covering every second of the activists actions.

Lucien is a remarkable artist with a remarkable artistic path, we wish him a good recovery and a fruitful continuation towards a progressive and better tomorrow for Lebanon.


Fighting Oppression!

lucien-fellow candidateship

Lucien Bourjeily Co Founder of VAPA, actor and director (granted numerous nominations and artistic prizes) has been honored to represent Lebanon and the Middle East region today as Fellow at the 2015 prestigious ISPA congress in New York!


In our mission statement it is mentioned that one of the main issues the association will fight for is the right to free speech and the banning of censorship in Lebanon. Lucien has been an activist in the Lebanese scene, fighting by all means the strict censorship rules imposed on artists by the Lebanese General Security. After the sad events that occurred in Paris, mans artists and activists have expressed their views in support of Charlie Hebdo. Lebanese journalists through the years have been an easy target for terrorists whose only aim was to punish those who spoke in favor of freedom. In the hope that a better world will exist, we will always join the fight for Peace.

As Yoko Ono says: WAR IS OVER!


Post written by Kiki Bokassa.

Gaza children need your support!

During their latest concert in Beirut Lebanon, Massive attack made a statement by denouncing the violence that people in Gaza are facing.

Since the late war events took place in Gaza, people from all over started expressing their opinion and mostly compassion towards the children who sadly form the majority of this conflict’s victims. Journalists are playing an important role in raising facts’ awareness.


massive attackhelp save gazza children by raising your voice

“Let’s Talk” Campaign 2013/ Interactive Play Devising Workshop

1-IMG_8070Workshop to devise the “Let’s Talk” campaign interactive PLAY that will tour Lebanon in summer 2013. Project supported/initiated by UNFPA Lebanon, Ypeer network, H&M. Implemented by the Visual and Performing Arts Association (VAPA). Performances dates will be announced SOON… Stay Tuned!
More info about “Let’s Talk” campaign visit: – DIRECTOR Lucien Bourjeily.
Previous Call for Cast/Visual Communication:
let's talk-unfpavapa casting poster
PLAY- CAST (by alphabetical order)
Shaden Fakih
Lara Ghattas
Hussein Hijazi
Youssef Khawaja
Georges Mattar
Farah ShaerPLAY- FACILITATORS (by alphabetical order)
Samir Haidar
Randa Jomaa
Photos taken by: Rami Al Rabih

Creative Writing Workshop-ADVANCED (Outdoor Sessions)

    • lllAugust 3 at 7:30pm
  • 29, Geday Residency, Mar Takla Church St. Near Dar Salam Bldg. Mar Takla Hazmieh.
  • “Writing is never one thing. It’s like running a marathon, juggling balls and cracking walnuts and playing fifteen instruments.” – Peter Carey

    (hosted by Charbel Naim)

    The advanced level of the creative writing workshop will offer you a compendium of writing exercises, daily practices, sources of inspiration, and even more quips and tips.Together we will explore the different approaches to writing, the influences of genres, contrasts, music, drama, dreams, creating your own style and more…


    The workshop is made of 5 sessions, 2 hours each. The fee for this workshop is $200 per student. A certificate of achievement will be handed out at the end of the workshop.

    To register please contact us at:
    Phone: 71/120539

Regional UNFPA – Ypeer training in collaboration with VAPA theater trainers

Regional UNFPA - Ypeer training in collaboration with VAPA theater trainers

In November 2012, a regional UNFPA – Ypeer training was conducted in Cairo, Egypt in collaboration with VAPA’s theater specialist Lucien Bourjeily. The training’s goal was to teach theater based peer education techniques to youth from all around the Arabic world to use for sexual health education among their peers. A project in which VAPA has been proudly collaborating with UNFPA and Ypeer since early 2009 in Lebanon and the middle east. This picture was taken on the last day of the workshop while participants held up high their newly acquired training “passports”.

Finger-Painting Workshop (2 Nov.Sessions)

More info about the FP workshop is found on Kiki B’s website: (Fp Workshop Page)

Kindly confirm your attendance by email or by clicking on attending in the link of the event on fb:!/events/456121424426761/

Finger-Painting Student’s Show

Finger-Painting Student's Show

Upcoming Workshops at Studio 68

The following are our upcoming workshops at Studio68, please check our workshop page for a detailed curriculum:
I- Creative Writing   (Courses for Beginners and advanced participants)

This workshop is designed for those who would like to add a creative spark, a burst of creativity to their writings, whether beginners, amateurs or professionals, this workshop will help you bring to the surface what’s been lying dormant inside.

In this workshop you will learn how to improve your writing skills through descriptive exercises, self-exploration, memory retrieval, lively class discussions and games!

When it comes to writing, all of us are often blocked in expressing our thoughts in writing – usually because of learned, preconceived ideas of how we “SHOULD” write, when the truth is there are no rules or limitations to writing!

I – Introduction:-Different genres in Creative Writing-Goals and objectives-II – Creative Writing exercises:-Description -Dialogue Listening-Creating characters-Character mapping-Lateral thinking-III – Creative Writing games:Childhood memories-What if?-Five senses-Using paintings to make up stories-Storytelling games-Writing Prompts-IV – Creative Writing tips- V – Final project.

Date: June 9 till June 14 (6 sessions, 2 hours each)

Fee: 200$

II-Accounting for freelancers

Designed for individuals working in any freelance field. Through this course you will be learn basic accounting skills in order to organize finances and set up monetary plans for your future business. How to correctly assess your financial plan and understand the terms used in the accounting field and understand government based restriction such as tax and documentation needed.

Date: Wednesdays starting June 6 (3 sessions from 6-8pm)
Overall charge: 100$

III-Finger Painting and social thinking workshop (shed light on social issues)

Finger-painting isn’t just for children, this workshop is intended for people of ages 15 and over. Its aim is to facilitate the ability of self-expression through the interesting connection between the physical act of touching the paint and connecting with something important inside one’s self. Like yoga, finger-painting is a physical and spiritual opening up that helps you transcend and reach a different place within yourself, …allowing you to explore body, mind and soul. It’s a good activity to fully express yourself!
Weekly sessions (Mornings and evenings)
Fee: 35$ per session (Materials are inclusive)

IV-Body Language Workshop

Also advanced lesson also available-info sent upon request

Would you like to tell if someone is lying? Are you looking for a way to improve your communication skills? Are you seeking more cooperation and understanding from other people?
This workshop will sensitise you to your own non-verbal signals and will help you read key signs from the people you are dealing with, which will help you reach better deals, make a positive impression, choose well your partners and friends and even boost your self-confidence.
All this in a fun and interactive atmosphere using improvisations, videos, photos, and role-playing games.

Date: June 7 till June 12 (6 sessions, 2 hours each)

Fee: 200$ 

Registration is a must for all workshops. To register please contact us at least 1 week before the workshop starting date on / 03 466 764. All workshops will take place at our studio in Ashrafieh Sioufi.

Typography in Art and Advertising – 4 more seats!

Due to the number of participants, students will be divided into groups opening up for 4 more students!

The typography workshop by Niels Bakkerus, coming from the Netherlands to give his insight and teach you his techniques in creating affective inspiring typography.

Fee: 220$ per person or if in a group of 3, it’s 200$ per person.

Registration is a must!

To register please contact us at:
Phone: 03 466 764


Niels Bakkerus (1985)  is a multi-disciplinary artist  working and living in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Niels has been creating & studying art since his childhood. After secondary school he studied design & communication at Sint Lucas in Boxtel and graduated as an illustrator in 2010 at AKV Sint Joost in Breda.  He began painting graffiti around 2001 and has been working on realistic portraits and lettering techniques since then. This lead to the creation of numerous murals in public places. In 2007  he made a huge mural in Palestina, this experience is still plays a big role in his life and in his art. Next to graffiti Niels puts his focus on all kinds of  art in public places, this led to his signature streetart style called Papercut. He tries to compose new images in public places, billboards and on canvas by cutting and rearranging posters and flyers.

In almost all projects typography plays a big role, whether it’s graphic design, illustration, graffiti or papercut projects. Niels plays with the aesthetic values of letters, working between communication and typography as image itself.  Trough this wordplay Niels got into the creation of ambigrams and even wrote his thesis about ambigrams in graphic design. Since he is also a graffiti writer the combination of graffiti and ambigrams is more than logical, this style created by Niels is called ambigraffiti. Niels Continues to work and evolve his ambigrams in his own calligraphic style.

For more info and artworks, please visit Niels website:

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