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Non Permanent Change of Workshops’ Location

If you live in Lebanon, you have surely heard of the catastrophic incident that occurred this Sunday night in Fassouh,the area where Ground68 is located. A neighbouring building has collapsed, and residents living in the near buildings have been evacuated for security reasons.

 Thank you all for your calls, we’re all well. The workshops will continue as scheduled because many of our participants have travel plans on their agendas. All workshops that started took  place last week at the Berytech Bldg, 10th floor, located facing the French Consulate (Monday Photography-4 hrs session & Friday Body Language 2 hrs session).

Thank you Berytech for your support.

 I’ll keep all participants posted by phone/email or by posting the details on vapa group page. We will be returning to our venue after the official assessment report given by the authorities’ experts, about  the building’s condition is out, and all maintenance works are made.

 Join us in our prayers and may God be with all the victims’ families!


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