Vapa Venues

In Spring 2012, we moved to a new studio location also in the area of Ashrafieh, specifically in Sioufi. After the catastrophe of the building that collapsed in Fassouh we were obliged to evacuate the building we were in. Because we believe in change as well as prosperity, we were fortunate enough to find a warm space but this time in a renovated building and not a very old one. Each of those locations have their charm we believe. It’s due to the presence of so many of you artists and art lovers that we are always able to create an environment that’s inspiring.


Studio68, Sioufi, Ashrafiyeh, Sabbagha Street, Bardawil Building-3rd Floor, Beirut, Lebanon.


Roof 68 & Ground 68

Roof68 – Beirut Cultural Rooftop (recently closed down after two years of use)

Roof 68 is one of the first experiments in which a century- old apartment of Beirut was transformed into a cultural space: the result is a rooftop  workshop space which is also public and open to everyone who is interested in exploring various artistic trainings and participating in thematic events.

Roof 68 provides:

  • Artistic workshops (Finger-painting, Digital Painting, Silk Screen Printing, Film-making, Photography, Digital Illustration, Graffiti, Theater, Creative Writing). Many other creative or innovative temporary workshops are also part of the schedule.

The workshops that were held at Roof68 were: Creative Writing, Silkscreen Printing, Digital Illustration and Photography (it is possible to join at any time a course or an upcoming course, please make sure you register by emailing us at

Ground 68 The nest of experimental ventures

The space is a temporary museum for local and international artists, the platform upon which VAPA intends to share artistic knowledge with a wide audience. The venue is also used to host several workshops along with others.

Ground 68 exhibited the artwork of the participants who have taken part in the workshops held at “Roof 68”, the first activity completed by VAPA. The exhibition was the result of two different workshops, the first on finger painting and the second on photography. The collection remained on display until January 12, 2010. In late 2010 until Spring 2011,Ground 68 also hosted “The House of Frida” art exhibition, an exceptional and unique endeavor, featuring a selection of artworks inspired by the life and art of Frida Kahlo, produced by local and international artists as well as film screenings, art discussions and an attempt to reproduce Kahlo’s personal space.

Whether you’re an Individual, Artist, Group or Student Roof68 space provides you with artistic and cultural workshops. Workshops are available during the following days/hours (between 6-8pm) Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays.If you have an idea for an innovative and creative workshop please contact us.

If you’re a trainer:  To hold a workshop at the space at Ground 68, you should fill out a Space Rental Proposal and submit it for approval.

 The form will be emailed to you via

Visual & Performing Arts Association (VAPA) Contact Info: 961-3-466 764 / / Ashrafieh, Fassouh, 68 St, Facing Zahar Outlet, Behind MTV Offices.

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