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A Year to Remember, Another to Imagine…Happy NY!

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Film Scriptwriting Workshop @ Ground68

The truth is that the construction of a good film script is something quite complicated and difficult. Atmosphere, characters, conflict, tone, sequences, dialogue, form, twists, and action all must be materialized into words and sentences that make up a coherent screenplay.

Ingmar Bergman probably said it best: “This is an almost impossible task.”

But it is possible. And with this workshop, a lot of hard work anyone can write a script – a great script. It sure as hell isn’t easy, but you sure can do it.

Scriptwriting workshop @ Ground68 will be held by award winning Lebanese writer/director Lucien Bourjeily in an intensive three day sessions on Jan 4,5,6th . 2012.

To apply, please send you name, number and 2 short film ideas (which you are interested most in developing – in 2 short paragraphs not to exceed 1 page) to the following email address

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: Fri, 30th of December, 2011


Wed Jan 4th from 6 to 9 p.m.
Thurs Jan 5th from 6 to 9 p.m.
Fri Jan 6th from 6 to 9 p.m.

Fee? 200$

Where? Ground68 (Achrafieh, Fassouh, Behind old MTV building)

about Lucien Bourjeily

Body Language Workshop (monthly workshop)

We invite you to register now for the next course by calling or emailing us.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Would you like to tell if someone is lying? Are you looking for a way to improve your communication skills? Are you seeking more cooperation and understanding from other people?
This workshop will sensitise you to your own non-verbal signals and will help you read key signs from the people you are dealing with, which will help you reach better deals, make a positive impression, choose well your partners and friends and even boost your self-confidence.
All this in a fun and interactive atmosphere using improvisations, videos, photos, and role-playing games.

This workshop will be given by VAPA’s Communication Officer, Charbel Naim,  who besides his background in Advertising, Marketing, HR, Hospitality Management, Tourism and the Performing Arts,  has a rich experience in improvised theatre and is a member of Improbeirut acting group. He is also a news editor/writer, actor and trainer.


I – Introduction:

– Personal Introductions.- Self perception of how other people see you.

II – The basics:

– Origins, universal gestures, cultural differences. – Personal space. – Distances.

III – Handshakes. IV – Liars exposed:

1 – Gestures. 2 – Types of liars. 3 – Speech.

V – Smiles.
VI – Eye signals. VII – Arms and legs.
VIII – Smiles and laughter.

IX – Micro expressions:
– Happiness – Anger- Disgust- Fear- Contempt- Surprise- Sadness.

X – Cultural differences.


The workshop is made of 4 sessions, 2 hours each, held every Thursday from 6.30pm until 8.30pm.
The fee for this workshop is $200 per student.

To register please contact us at:


Phone: 03 466 764
Address:  Sioufi-Ashrafieh – Beirut – Lebanon

“Klik” a Photography Workshop-Starting Soon!

What is Klik?

Klik, the Photo Workshop is an educational resource for photography.  From beginning classes, for those just starting out in digital photography or photography, to advanced classes covering lighting techniques, to your own personal photographic vision, we have classes that cover a broad spectrum.

Classes are held at Vapa Association/Ground68 studio space, 68 St Louis Street, Al Sami (Pepite) Bldg,  located just a short walk from MTV Offices bldg or Spinneys Supermarket in Fassouh, Ashrafieh-Beirut (address found in our contact info page).  Come and learn that next step in your photography journey.  Classes are casual and fun and cover both technical & creative aspects of everything photographic.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn practical photography tools in a cozy setting.  Then go and put those tools into practice with field trips and daily assignments out and about in our historical town and beautiful beaches and mountains.

This is the program of every session:

Session 1

History, Camera mechanism – How does a camera function? (Lenses, mirror…), Different type of cameras (medium, small, large format), Exposure (ISO), Shutter speed, Aperture, F-stops, Depth of field, Project to be done for the next session: Depth of field (10 photos), shutter speed changes but same aperture (7 photos), change the focal length (5 photos).

Session 2
How to choose between Shutter speed, aperture and ISO, Focal length (prime and zoom lenses), Metering modes (spot metering, center-weighted average metering, partial metering), Auto focus and Manual focus, Composition, Reportage (subject will be chosen later), Portrait, Screening the participants” work. Maya will be commenting, advising and helping each participant  understand her/his mistakes.

Session 3
Light and metering, Films and ISO, Type of films, Zone system, Film processing, How to prepare for film processing, How to prepare for tirage, Photographic paper, Developing (=Tirage), Project (Ombre et lumiere), Screening the students work plus commenting and advising them and help them understand their mistakes.

Session 4
Work in the darkroom, Explain the steps to develop a film, Prepare the solutions for developing a film, Each student will develop his own film with the help of the teacher.

Session 5
Explain the steps to print photos (tirage),Prepare the solutions for printing the photos. Develop the students’ films.

Session 6
Develop the film. Comment and help them improve their work, and correct the mistakes. Project (free each students choose his favorite subject).

Session 7
Develop the film.

Session 8

– Go out on a trip (photos will be later used for the exhibition held by the students:

– Every session will end with the screening of the work of a photographer’s work. And it will be followed with a round table discussion about his work (This won’t include the 3 hours it will be done after the 3 hours, the students that are not interested have the option to leave at the end of the 3 hours.

– The only workshop in Lebanon where you will get the chance to develop films and work in a darkroom.
By the end of the workshop, not only you will be able to take better shots but also you will master your own work, you will be able to develop the films your photos.

– Lab enthusiasts – Black and white enthusiasts!

Starting January 13th from 6.30pm until 8.30/9pm. Sessions are held every Tuesday and Friday.

– The Fee is 240$ for the full course/ 8 sessions.
– Every workshop ends with an exhibition of the students work.
– Limited seats for 8 participants. Registration in advance is a must!

Do not hesitate to let us know if you may need any further info by contact us on / 03 466 764 / 70 950 755.

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