Pending Projects

Image Making Workshops in Tripoli Women’s Prison 

Elsie Haddad (M.A. Photography) and active member of the association, along with the assistance of photography students will hold in Tripoli women’s prison starting May 2011 the following activity: Not like many believe, it is possible to create a photographic image without the necessary use of a camera, in the most easy and inventive mean. Printing with light is an old technique which consists on laying objects on a sensitive support and exposing it to light to create a print which is known as a photogram*.  The aim of this workshop is to help the ladies acquire those printing techniques so they can use it to create items for different usage allowing them to make profit and lead a productive life once they finish their sentence. After a very short brief on the history of photography and on the notion of drawing with light, the women will start learning how to create their first photogram and later on how to sensitize any surface they wish to print on. We will be working with different material such as wood, paper, ceramic, cloth, etc…to optimize the variety and outcome of the products they will be creating. Whether they decide to do piece of clothe, a tray, ceramic plates or wooden utensils with their designs on them, at the end of the workshop they will have the knowledge and necessary skills to do it. And to push the idea further, we intend to exhibit their work as a primary step to help them market it, so they can benefit from selling these items while enjoying a new way of self-expression. Furthermore, we would like to follow up these ladies’ needs, and keep on providing them with new material and help them use part of their houses as a dark room with simple settings and thus they will keep on producing. And last but not least, arrange a public or private space for these women to display and sell their artisanal items. The ultimate goal of this workshop is to open a lucrative door, a way to self-expression and a fresh start in life for women who did series of long and tough adventures.


Renovating 14 Lebanese jails with Colors

 Since its foundation VAPA started working in jails by implementing graffiti workshops under an activity entitled Autograff, in 13 jails all over the country with the support of the Italian Embassy, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Interior & Municipalities, as part of the Cinemarena2 Project. This year after “Autograff” has achieved its goals, VAPA decided to venture in renovating the walls of the outdoor courtyard of Roumye Juvenile Prison, and to engage graffiti artists in the process by painting a mural of 10 meters square. Through this activity young inmates learned the whole process for treating wall problems, using the right materials and decorating by just using colors. They painted their cells’ area and claimed colors have improved the way they perceived their future.

Therefore and after doing an assessment on the importance of colors and art in jails, VAPA decided to launch a project of wall restoration renovation and decoration in most of the Lebanese jails starting Summer 2011 and ending in Early 2012. We are seeking for more sponsors to add colors where there are none.


  1. August 20th, 2011

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