Typography Group Discussion in Art & Advertising with Niels Bakkerus @ Studio 68

You can truly be a typographer when you stop viewing words as letters and start seeing them as curves and artistic forms. Then you are able to create pieces of art out of Typography that is able to convey the message on its own.

For this, we bring to you Niels Bakkerus coming from Netherlands to hold group discussions revolving around Typography, its anatomy, its use, how to get inspired, and how to get creative with.

Niels Bakkerus (1985)  is a multi-disciplinary artist  working and living in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Niels has been creating & studying art since his childhood. After secondary school he studied design & communication at Sint Lucas in Boxtel and graduated as an illustrator in 2010 at AKV Sint Joost in Breda.  He began painting graffiti around 2001 and has been working on realistic portraits and lettering techniques since then. This lead to the creation of numerous murals in public places. In 2007  he made a huge mural in Palestina, this experience is still plays a big role in his life and in his art. Next to graffiti Niels puts his focus on all kinds of  art in public places, this led to his signature streetart style called Papercut. He tries to compose new images in public places, billboards and on canvas by cutting and rearranging posters and flyers.

In almost all projects typography plays a big role, whether it’s graphic design, illustration, graffiti or papercut projects. Niels plays with the aesthetic values of letters, working between communication and typography as image itself.  Trough this wordplay Niels got into the creation of ambigrams and even wrote his thesis about ambigrams in graphic design. Since he is also a graffiti writer the combination of graffiti and ambigrams is more than logical, this style created by Niels is called ambigraffiti. Niels Continues to work and evolve his ambigrams in his own calligraphic style.

For more info and artworks, please visit Niels website:


Group Discussions will be held on Monday, May 21 from 6 till 8 – Tuesday, May 22 from 6 till 8 – Saturday, May 26 from 11 till 1 or from 4 till 6.

Fee for a Group Discussion: 30$

Registration is a Must!… Seats are limited.

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