vapa at the 2nd Annual LAU NGO Fair

2 active members, 2 art trainers and 2 dedicated volunteers representing vapa will be there starting 8.30am so make sure you drop by, we’d love to meet you and introduce you to our projects. Maybe we could join hands in order to make a bigger impact and reach out to those who still have no one to claim their rights. Remember to “‘Claim your rights through arts”.

A glimpse of the fair: the 2nd Annual LAU NGO Fair will be taking place at the Beirut Campus The Lebanese American University (LAU) on Wednesday April 13, 2011.

Last year, the LAU/NGO fair hosted 70 NGOs from across Lebanon. Due to its wide success, this year, the LAU would like to host 100 NGOs on campus.

The LAU NGO Fair presents a platform that instills in students the importance of community service and volunteerism. It aims to bridge the gap between students and civil society whereby NGOs are given the chance to sensitize students about their work and students are given the unique opportunity to channel their creative potential, energy and passion into the meaningful conduits of constructive social work.

“Civic Action Speaks Louder than Words”

  1. Nice Blog, there is another NGO in my mind who work Over three decades of working with and for children and their families.

    • Thank you for your interest. Let us know whn possible who the ngo is and what sort of work did it do, was it based in beirut-lebanon?

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