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Creative Writing Workshop @ Studio 68 – ADVANCED


  • Studio 68, Sioufi, Ashrafiyeh, Sabbagha Street, Bardawil Building, Beirut, Lebanon
  • “Writing is never one thing. It’s like running a marathon, juggling balls and cracking walnuts and playing fifteen instruments.” – Peter Carey

    (given by Charbel Naim)

    The advanced level of the creative writing workshop will offer you a compendium of writing exercises, daily practices, sources of inspiration, and even more quips and tips.

    Together we will explore the different approaches to writing, the influences of genres, contrasts, music, drama, dreams, creating your own style and more…

    Who is Charbel Naim?

    With a background in Advertising, Marketing, HR, Hospitality Management, Tourism and the Performing Arts, Charbel Naim is currently VAPA’s communication officer and a member of Improbeirut acting group. He is also a news editor/writer, actor and trainer.


    DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: February 14, 2012.

    The workshop is made of 5 sessions, 2 hours and a half each.

    The fee for this workshop is $200 per student.

    A certificate of achievement will be handed out at the end of the workshop.

    To register please contact us at:
    Phone: 03 758 747


Typography in Art and Advertising


This workshop is organized for professionals and semi professionals working in the fields of art-direction, creative industries & agencies, graphic design, illustration and graffiti art.
The goal of the workshop is to create richer knowledge and more awareness about typography and it’s possibilities in art and advertising and thus creating better work for the artist and client.
We will be experimenting with and creating through multiple examples of how typography can be used. Also learning where typography came from you’ll get to know letters and how they can work for you through artistic expression. Understanding letters is a very big part before we start experimenting and in the end we will make a mural so that our gathered knowledge shall be spread to the rest off the world.

Trainer: Niels Bakkerus
Niels Bakkerus is a young artist and illustrator working and living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Niels studied graphic design and communication at St. Lucas and illustration at AKV St. Joost. Through graffiti Niels got into typography and created his own style of illustration and typography. This style that combines illustration and typography is typical for the works of Niels. To him those two are the same. Because of his background in graffiti he was well known with lettering itself but got into custom lettering more and more and started to master the art of penmanship and calligraphy as well. His most advanced works where all of these influences are combined are his complex ambigrams. Lettering designs that can be read normally and upside down as well.
Niels works in the fields of illustration and graphic design, but also works an artist on his own personal projects. His vision on how to combine those two will be of big influence in the workshop.

The workshop will be divided into two sections, theory and practice. The first 3 days are intended to get inspiration and knowledge. Each theory day there will be room for practice as well. The last 3 days will be about creating a mural in Lebanon with the entire workshop team.

Day 1. Introduction of Niels Bakkerus. Niels will introduce himself and will show his portfolio. His personal portfolio and his commercial one, and tells about how to incorporate those two different things into projects. He will also explain his way of working.
Day 2. Lecture in the history of typography. Plus small commission to experience the theory in practice. Things that will be thought are things like Penmanship, gothic letters, spencerian script, roman script, custom lettering, digital lettering etc.
Day 3. Dutch Typography. The Netherlands have always been well known for it’s progressive and ground breaking designs. Niels will give a lecture about Dutch design and Dutch typographic design. Artist like Niels Meulman, Job Wouters, Jan van Krimpen, Zeds, Bureau Mijksenaar will be handled. Plus small commission to experience the theory in practice.
Day 4. Typo in Art & Advertising. Lecture about artworks based on typography and ground breaking advertisements.
Day 5. Creating and experimenting with the design for the mural.
Day 6. Finalize the design for the collaboration mural, creating composition.
Day 7. Start with the painting of the Mural.
Day 8. Finalizing the Mural and the course itself.

The course will be an intensive 6-days workshop. 3 days of theory, a 2 day break, and a finalization of 3 days practice and production. Each session will be 3 hours long, from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Typography workshop dates are  May 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30. Registration deadline has extended to Wednesday, May 16th due to high demand!

Fee 220usd per participant/group price 200usd.

Location: Studio 68, Ashrafieh-Sioufi near Sioufi Garden.

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