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Simply Another Digital Photo Workshop




To all Photography Amateurs,

The Digital Photography Course for beginners is back starting Friday October 5.

 With one session per week you will share with our photo reporter your concerns about everydaya photography. The workshop will last until Friday October 19. It includes one session per week in addition to a day out where you will experience the day/night modes, technical know-hows and inspirations. The fee for the workshop (50usd/session) is paid upon registration.

Brief Info about the course:

Camera modes – Auto, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, sports, landscape, close up, portrait.
Everyday shooting – What to look for and how to shoot it.
 Black and White Photography – Timeless!
Composition – Don’t just stand there! Learn how to “see” a photo just about anywhere!
 Lenses – You have the ability to add just about any lens to your new camera, you now need to understand what you need and why
 Lighting – Probably the single most important aspect of any art form.
 Flash photography – Understand how the light works and how you can control it.
 Digital Imaging – Touching on uploading to a PC and using Photoshop/other editing software -Cleaning and maintenance.

By the end of the 4 days course the participant should feel confident enough to switch to manual, to go for an outing with the trainer and really start to get the most out of the camera. 


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