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Fall Happenings at Ground68

Like everything around the world we’re also spinning trying to reach out to you, to those who don’t have a voice and to artists from different backgrounds who may be interested in sharing their knowledge. This Saturday Vapa will be launching its illustration workshop at Ground68, followed by other interesting workshops of different genres, starting beginning of November. The schedule will be announced one workshop at a time, if you wish to take part in the illustration class it will take place during 8 weeks, every Saturday from 5pm until 7.30pm. This workshop includes beginners and advanced drawing techniques for all levels, as well as painting sessions. Feel free to register anytime by calling or emailing us. Ground68, is in the same building as Roof68 and it will from now on host most of the practical workshops happening from Monday to Sunday. A book club is about to be created, if you’d like to share your ideas around a round table with other book passionates, you’d be at the right place for it. All you have to bring is a book and a symbolic contribution of 40usd/month. Because the more we read, the more we write, the creative workshop course might be useful to those who wish to increase their savoir ecrire for several purposes, whether writing a blog, a diary or an article in a newspaper, this class will open your creative mind and will connect you again with words.

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