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Your Help is Needed on Kindness Day

“A big thank you for all of you who contrubuted to this call.”
Every year we help an elderly couple that lives on the 4th floor of the old Roof68 building in Ashrafieh (the ex premises of Vapa Association). The residents of this building moved away since the Fassouh neighbouring bldg tragedy took place. We were all obliged to evacuate. The couple stayed there because they have no where else to go, no family who wants to take care of them. They are sick, old, hungry and cold.
This year we thought that instead of offering a little we could ask you to join hands with us in order to get more more help for those elderly parents who have abandoned by their children  long years ago.
We would gratefully appreciate it if you would give any amount you’d be willing to give away to help us offer their basic needs.
They are awaiting the results of this call for help as their situation is becoming more and more desperate with time.
Please send us back your reply as soon as possible and remember that on the 13th of November of every year, we all need to celebrate World Kindness Day by helping each other even with the tiniest of gestures.
More information can be provided to you upon demand, as well as the contact info of the couple you are helping out and a planned visit is also welcome so please just feel free to tell us about your wish.
For donating all you have to do is email/call us on the following mobile below, and we will tell you about the simple logistic about the fund collection.
Visual and Performing Arts Association (VAPA)
Facebook Groups: Vapa Association/Studio 68
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