The House of Frida

VAPA Association presents


The Beiruti Version of La Casa Azul…

Celebrating the Life and Art of Frida Kahlo, VAPA Association is proud to take you on a remarkable Frida voyage starting 22 October 2010.

An exceptional and unique endeavor in the whole Middle East region: The House of Frida will host a selection of artworks inspired by the life and art of Frida Kahlo, produced by local and international artists as well as film screenings, art discussions and an attempt to reproduce Kahlo’s personal space.

The House of Frida … a tribute to one of the most influential activists of the 20th Century… to a free spirit, a rebel, a political and artistic revolutionar

Celebrating the life and art of Frida Kahlo, VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts Association) is proud to take you on a remarkable Frida Kahlo journey…

Our aim has been to turn Ground 68 into a Beiruti version of “La Casa Azul”- or The Blue House –  in Coyoacán, Mexico City, where Kahlo lived and worked, and it is now a museum housing artifacts of her life.

The House of Frida is a completely Frida inspired space hosting paintings, photos, Digital Prints, Texts, Film Screenings, Art Discussions, reproductions of Kahlo’s personal items (furniture, clothes, diary of Frida…).

If you wish to visit the expo you can get a:

Membership Ticket for 20$ or 8$,
The ticket allows you to visit THE HOUSE OF FRIDA and participate in all the events that will take place during the whole exhibition period.  The 20$ ticket will also allow you to attend a free session of your choice from the workshops offered at Roof 68.

Ground68 is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 5 until 9pm.For further information please contact us:, 01-326646, 03-466764.

    • aline geday
    • February 14th, 2011

    Visiting the exhibition felt like visiting Mexico 🙂

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