Is there a Psychiatric Hospital in the South?

One of the dark corners we promised to enlighten our readers about is the condition of Psychiatric hospitals in Lebanon.

One of the activities VAPA has conducted during the past months was a full day painting session to patients of Al Fanar psychiatric hospital.  Don’t be fooled by the name, the hospital lies in the Nabatieh region in the South of Lebanon and not in the Fanar area north of Beirut.

During our intervention a documentary titled “HOME” about the hospital was being filmed by Newstime Productions in collaboration with Al Fanar Hospital and funded by the Italian Embassy through the Italian Development Cooperation.  The documentary describes the story and the state of the hospital, including the relationship between the patients and their families.

The premier of HOME will be at UNESCO Palace on Thursday June 10, 2010 at 7:30 PM.  We invite you to be there because the only goal of the documentary is to spread awareness so the screening is open to the public for free!

Awareness through Blogging

Conflicts, on a personal and group level, are mostly caused by “Ignorance”.

VAPA Association has decided to fight ignorance using its adversary, “Awareness”.  A blog was simply the most effective, simple, and cheap way to do this.

The awareness that you readers will be exposed to, is divided into two parts.  The first will be an awareness towards VAPA’s activities which you can benefit and learn from.  The second will be an awareness directed towards social and cultural problems hidden in the dark corners of Lebanon which people tend to ignore.

So our mission here is to direct the spotlight on these issues instead of bombarding our followers with promotional material.

We hope our blog triggers your interest, Enjoy!

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